VERSION: 6 July 2021

Author Graham Burt, Exec Director


It is the goal of Festival One to operate a festival that protects the health and well being of its guests and crew. The Health and Safety Manual covers this in detail. This policy and practise document is specifically focussed on COVID-19 and is an overlay to the main Health & Safety Manual.

1.0 Situation

1.1 Festival One 2021 will be held from Friday 28th January to Monday 31st January 2022.

1.2 It is anticipated Festival One will attract 5,000 guests and approximately 1,200 artists and crew.

1.3 Festival One is a drug and alcohol free event, catering to people of all ages.

1.4 Festival One is a residential festival with guests and volunteers comping on-site.

2.0 Mission

2.1 To offer a festival that matches the guidelines for COVID-19 provided by the NZ Government and the Waikato Hospital Public Health Department.

2.2 To ensure that systems and processes are in place to provide maximum efficiency of operation between Festival One and the public health system.

2.3 To implement practises and processes that ensure swift and appropriate remedies are taken should any guest present with the symptoms of COVID-19

3.0 Execution

3.1 General Outline.

a) Ensure that each attendees details are readily available should a contact tracing need arise.

b) Have processes and facilities in place to handle any suspected occurrence professionally.

c) Have ticketing and refund policies in place to accommodate a sudden change of level imposed by the Government or Public Health administrators.

3.2 Attendees Details.

3.2.1 Ensure that all data required by Waikato Public Health and the National COVID-19 Tracing Centre is captured either at purchase or is completed subsequently by the attendee prior to admission to site.

3.2.2 Capture data in the template that is provided by the National COVID-19 Tracing Centre.

3.2.3 Ensure that on arrival all attendees are scanned in, and details matched with ID.

3.2.4 Ensure that all departures are scanned out to ensure an accurate database.

3.2.5 Register as a location for the COVID-19 Tracer Application and display the QR prominently at entrance, exit and specific high traffic locations on-site.

3.3 Prevention

3.3.1 Use signage, social media and other means to ensure that attendees know that they need to stay away if they are feeling unwell.

3.3.2 Use the COVID-19 Tracer App Posters.

3.3.3 Supply hand sanitiser stations throughout the site and have a team to keep them replenished.

3.4 Occurence

3.4.1 Have a specially designated appropriate location to triage any guest suspected of COVID-19 symptoms.

3.4.2 Have established an approved chain of actions with Waikato Public Health - specifically the Covid Director of Public Health Dr Richard Vipond.

3.4.3 Have the Festival One medical centre staffed with trained COVID-19 responders and adequately stocked with approved PPE.

3.5 Delay, Cancellation and Refund.

3.5.1 Have appropriate protocols in place for delay, cancellation and refunds and have these covered in the ticketing terms and conditions, and easily accessible on the Festival One website and the iTicket ticket purchase platform.

3.5.2 Festival One reserves the right to delay the festival until other dates entirely if the Government or other Health agency recommends.

3.5.3 Should Festival One 2021 be cancelled for COVID-19 reasons Festival One reserves the right to offer the ticket purchaser a carry over of their ticket to Festival One 2023.

3.5.4 Should 3.5.2 not occur, and 3.5.3 not be acceptable, Festival One offers a 40% refund of ticket price.