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General Info

What is Festival One?

Festival One is multi-day, Christian Festival on Auckland & Waikato Anniversary Weekend, 26 - 29 Jan 2024. Located at Hartford, 209 Whitehall Road, Karapiro.

Festival One is in its tenth year and has a broad range of fantastic artists, lots of opportunities for the creative arts and a few other surprises.

Our goal is to create community in the church through music, art and culture. This will be achieved through organic growth, an annually progressing teaching curriculum and outstanding music and arts.

Dates & times

The gates for Festival One 2024 will open at 10:00am, Friday 26th of Jan and will end at 12pm, Monday 29th of Jan. You are welcome to come in and out of the festival gates throughout the weekend. Just make sure you keep your wristband on and you'll have no issues with security.

My Wristband

Each Festival attendee will have an WAYVER wristband. This will be your wallet for the weekend, which vendors can simply scan and debit money from. They can be activated and topped up at The Bank. There is a small, one-off, top-up fee; we accept cash, EFTPOS and credit cards.

Any money leftover on your wristbands can be refunded within 4 weeks at the end of Festival - or frantically spent on buckets of mini-donuts. Or drop it in the container provided and Festival One will receive the leftover funds as a donation. Thank you so much in advance!

My Order

Thanks for booking to be at Festival One. Once you've booked, your ticket is secure. We will send out eTICKET to the email address provided when booking by the 12th January 2024. If you haven't received an eTICKET by 12th Jan, first check your Junk folder, and any further issues please email the iTICKET team on support@iticket.co.nz with your order reference number.

Update Ticket Details

Need to update the name on your ticket order? No problem - you can do this by following these steps:
- Head to iTICKET
- Log into your account
- Click on 'My Account' (top right corner)
- Select 'Order History'
- Your ticket order should be there with the option to update the name, email and phone number for each ticket.

This is helpful if you decide to sell your ticket or give your ticket to someone else.

Tickets purchased for Festival One 2023

To everyone who had purchased tickets for this years Festival (2023). All those tickets have been now refunded or generously donated by ticket purchasers. We cannot thank you enough for all the support you have given us. We look forward to seeing you again very soon.


The amazing 2023 merch is available for purchase. Click this link to get yours - while stocks last.

Contact Details

For specific inquiries, please email the relevant contact in each section. For all other questions and comments, email us at info@festival.one, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



Volunteer for Festival

Love festival? Love the people? Love the work that goes into it making it all happen? Then join the team! Applications are open.

Apply Here

Crew Registrations

Registrations are open. If you haven't received this process yet, get in contact with your Team Leader or Areahead.

LifeFM Discovery Sessions

We're changing the artist application process for Festival One 2024 - We’re putting out a call for bands and artists that have not played at Festival One before. We’ve set aside time on the River Stage to run The Discovery Sessions. If you are a solo artist or a band, this could be your moment. Watch this short video then click the button below to apply.

Apply Here


Our mouths are watering and our pockets are jingling! Every year we have more vendors apply than we are able to accommodate, so please make sure to tell us everything about what you can bring to Festival One to help us make the very best choices.

Apply Here

Media Submissions

If you would like to get coverage on Festival One for your blog, magazine or newspaper, please write to us. Email, media@festival.one

Mission Agencies

We invite mission and charity agencies, all over Aotearoa, to apply for Festival One 2024. We love all the incredible things they do for those here and abroad. We want to continue supporting agencies by creating space at festival for you to share your platform.

Apply here

Ministry of Art

The Ministry of Art is a sweet space for visual artists to share their work at Festival One – painting, photography, sculpture, drawing – the options are pretty much endless. Applications are open!

apply here

Sculpture Sign Up

We would love to have you add to the theme of God’s love with a monumental sculpture - monumental meaning “largish” - that we can add to the Festival One site for 2024. We’d love our guests to be able to interact, ponder, photograph, point out, laugh with your work. In simple terms, to engage. Your work could be a literal, figurative or metaphorical interpretation of the theme.

Apply Here

Soul Lounge

Winners of the 2021 Access Alliance People's Choice Accessible Business Awards, the Soul Lounge has been breaking down barriers to make Festival One more accessible, year on year. For 2024, the team would love to hear from you if festival environments aren't within reach for you. We'd love to get to know you, have a chat, and see where we can help to make your attendance at Festival a reality. Contact us here: soullounge@festival.one.

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On the weekend


Everything is on the App. Link for the 2024 app coming shortly! We will have a printable version of the Festival Programme available when we start announcing artists and speakers. This will be later in the year - keep an eye out!


Everything is on the App. Link for the 2024 version coming shortly! Our goal is to make your experience getting onto and around site as easy as possible. Maps will be available soon.


Everything is on the App. Link for the 2024 version coming shortly! We will have a full list of retail and food vendors available later this year.

Social Sports

Everything is on the App. Link for the 2024 version coming shortly! Community Events are running social touch and volleyball tournaments at festival! Sign your team up on the Friday of Festival before 8pm at the Community Events space (under the big airplane hanger). Teams need a minimum of 6 people for touch or volley. Games will happen on Saturday from 10am-1pm with Semis and finals happening on Sunday from 10am-1pm. If this sounds like a bit of you, start getting your teams sorted and ready and come sign up at the community events area on Friday before 8pm.

Kids Festival Activities

Kids Programme

They all grow up so fast! Are your young’uns ready to fly the nest (temporarily, under supervision, in a super-fun and safe space)? We’ve got you covered. Location of this space will be specified on our Festival App + map. It will be sign posted KIDS PROGRAMME. For your small ones (5 – 10yo) available Saturday and Sunday.

All of Festival One’s little humans will have a space to have the time of their lives AND learn about God’s awesome love—which is pretty much the same thing.

Pre-Register Here

Toddlers Creche

The Toddlers’ Creche, for ages 2 – 4 years, will be your good ol’ drop-and-go space. We have plenty of friendly and fun crew to entertain and enjoy time with our little ones.  We’ll have a light morning tea of fruit, Kruskits and water for the toddlers. Parents, you’ll need to stay on call in case your child needs you – especially for those nappy changes! If nappies need changing we will give you a call.

Pre-Register Here

On-site Competitions

Curated Campsite Competitions

Love decorating your campsite, stringing fairy-lights, creating a vibe, and bringing together community? Then be wary! Our curated campsite judges will be wondering around site, seeing who has what it takes to receive the official Festival One trophies. Categories are:

  • Best Lighting
  • Best Community Space
  • Most Creative
  • Best Crew Site

One Min Film Competition

Theme: TBC.

God-The Trinity are a relationship. God is in relationship with everything He has made. The cosmos, the Earth and everything in the Earth including us humans. Especially us humans. We are asked to be in relationship with Him. And with the planet. And with each other. What does this look like to you?

Record, edit and upload your 1-minute long film to Instagram using the hashtag #F1FilmComp2024 and #Under16 or #Over16 so we know what age category you’re in, and remember for us to see your video, your Instagram must be on public. Entries close 5pm Sunday 29th Jan

Watch the video that took out the 2021 comp here.

Photography Competition

Theme: TBC.

God-The Trinity are a relationship. God is in relationship with everything He has made. The cosmos, the Earth and everything in the Earth including us humans. Especially us humans. We are asked to be in relationship with Him. And with the planet. And with each other. What does this look like to you?

Be generous, creative and get snapping! Great prizes to be won. Simply snap your picture and upload it to Instagram using the hashtag #F1PhotoComp2024 and #Under16 or #Over16 so we know what age category you’re in, and remember for us to see your picture, your Instagram must be on public. Entries close 5pm Sunday 28th Jan.

Check out the 2021 winner photos here.

Festival Tag Is Back

Festival Tag is baaaaaack!!

Festival Tag is a festival wide activity brought to you by Community Events but this year there is a TWIST! This year, the aim of the game is not to tag as many people as possible, but to collect ALL 6 coloured bracelets whilst playing AND to be the last man standing.

Sign up at the Community Events area before 7pm Friday to collect your band. You will get one of six coloured bracelets indicating you are playing. Once tug you must give the other person your bracelet and you are out of the game.

The game will start at 9pm Friday and will end at 5pm Sunday. You must be the first person back at the Community Events area by 5.30pm Sunday with all 6 coloured bracelets.

The winner who is has all six bracelets and first to come to Community Events will win a ticket to Festival next year. So have fun, meet some new people and who knows you might actually find the one......

No running through other people’s campsites
No entering peoples tents and caravans
Stay away from the toilets and showers if you’re trying to tag someone....cause...well....that’s just gross.
No teaming up to win big, you have to tag each person YOURSELF.
No lying, if you get tug hand over your bracelet and resign from the game.
And remember, God is always watching 😗😉

Sports Tournaments

The beloved Volleyball tournament is back and we also are excited to announce we are introducing a tournament of Bucketball. What is bucketball you ask? Imagine if netball was played without hoops and instead, well, there was buckets.

Sign up your teams of minimum 6 at Community Events by 7pm Friday for games that will play Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Water Fight

Let’s be real, it’s going to be hot at festival this year. So, what a better way to cool down than a massive water fight…with water balloons. On Sunday from 2-3pm we are running a water fight at Community Events on our sports fields. Will there be over 1500 water balloons there? YES! Will it be amazing? YES! Bring yourself and wear some clothes that you don’t mind getting wet! Looking forward to it!


Are there rules? Where do I find them?

Easy. We call it a Code of Conduct and if we all live by it, everyone will have a sweet time at Festival One.

Do I need to pay for a campsite?

JSYK, you can stay off-site if that's your preference. The festival gates are open 24/7, giving you ease of access. Be sure to keep your wristband on at all times.

iCAMP Ultimate Tent Package

No tent? No camping gear? Or no time to get set up? No problem! Book one of our iCamp packages and arrive to an already set up campsite that includes: 2-person bubble tent, 2 air mattresses, 2 sleeping bags, 2 pillows & 2 camping chairs.

All for the Cost of $170 for the whole Festival. At the end, just leave everything how you found it "Stay and Walk Away?!". Head to iTICKET to purchase yours today.

Can we reserve a space for a group?
Absolutely! Email our groups team at groups@festival.one before the 10th of November 2023 and they will sort that out for you. Groups must be a minimum of 20 people. If your group is smaller you'll have no issues finding space for you all to be together. Camping is included in your festival ticket. Just bring all your camping essentials: tent, sleeping gear, cooking items, deck chair, so on and so forth... and you're good to go!

I have accessibility requirements, who can I talk to about this?

Our friendly team of volunteers in the Soul Lounge of course! From disability parking, hospital grade beds, fridges for keeping medicines cold, and buggies to drive around site! Please email them here, soullounge@festival.one, to introduce yourself and have a chat about how we can make your experience the best one possible.

What about Caravans?

Can I bring my caravan, motorhome or rooftop tent?
Caravan Sites are available!

For those who are looking at booking a space. Please come as self contained as possible. That’s with solar panels, batteries, torches, water (no generators please), etc. If you can be self contained with solar panels there’s no need to purchase in the powered section.

IMPORTANT: It is essential that your caravan is WOF'd and rego'd before coming to festival. Especially if you are plugging into power. A current eWOF is essential otherwise you won't be able to park in a powered site.

Toilets and showers

There are toilets, showers and disability-friendly facilities located all over the grounds. You’ll be able to see these on our Festival App (maps will be available later in the year).

Is there drinkable water on site?

Water is available everywhere on-site. It is clean and drinkable. We recommend you bring your reusable drink bottle (we love our reusables and recyclable items) or large water containers to keep at your camp site.

Can I get a discount?

We’ve got a few different discounts available – see below! More pricing information is available at iTicket too. We know families come in a few different shapes and sizes, so here are our family discount pricing structures.

Family – One Adult +

Select one adult and at least 3 children/student tickets and we will give you (12% OFF the total ticket price (excl booking and transaction fees). Family tickets are only applicable to immediate family members.

Family – Two Adult +

Select two adults and at least 2 children/student tickets and we will give you (12% OFF the total ticket price (excl booking and transaction fees). Family tickets are only applicable to immediate family members.

Group discounts/how do I get a group to Festival One?

Become a Festival One Ambassador by getting your unique code from groups@festival.one and sharing it with your friends. Get 20+ of them to enter your code when they purchase their passes and voila, you have a complimentary Festival One ticket. Email before Sunday 14th of November 2023 to arrange this.

Can I buy a day pass? Or ticket to see a specific artist?

Only full weekend tickets are available. All performances, seminars, camping and workshops are included in the ticket.

However, if we have remaining full weekend tickets in late January we will consider day passes.

I'm a student but don't have a student ID. Can I still buy a student ticket?

If you can prove your studies another way, go right ahead and purchase a student ticket. When you arrive at festival we’ll ask for proof – a letter from your college or university will do.

How can I get early access on Thursday night to setup?

If you have a large group (50+) you will be issued temporary vehicle access for 4 representatives of your group to bring in gear at 6pm on Thursday night. The representatives must promptly get their festival wristbands Friday morning. Email groups@festival.one before the 10th of November 2023 to arrange early access.

My church has given me a different code, what’s that about?

Your church already has a Festival One ambassador! Some churches we’ve been in touch with are coming to Festival One as a church camp, so they have a different code system and benefits. Check with your church’s ambassador what the details are, or if you’re not sure, feel free to email our team at groups@festival.one and we’ll let you know what’s going on!



It is the goal of Festival One to operate a festival that protects the health and well being of its guests and crew. Soon we will release a Health and Safety Manual that covers this in detail. This policy and practise document will specifically be focussed on COVID-19 and is an overlay to the main Health & Safety Manual.

covid-19 policy & practise
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