Inside The Soul Lounge Marquee
The inside of the marquee is shown with dividers pulled back to join different sections.
In the front, several people can be seen sitting on sofasaround a table with a variety of items placed on top.
More people can be seen scattered arouind the space in the background. There are chairs and a powered wheelchair also.
There is bunting hanging from the ceiling and a TV switched on in the back right corner.

The Soul Lounge at Festival One
Breaking Down Barriers Together

Winners of the NZ 2021 Access Alliance People’s Choice Accessible Business Awards

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What we do:

We linkFestival One crew and festival-goers (called ‘Soulmates’) to work towards enabling EVERY person to fully participate in festival.

We assist with accessibility needs and work to break down barriers that may prevent people from attending festival.

We foster connection and community. Everyone is welcome here.

We create space for all festival-goers to relax, unwind and recharge in a supported environment. You don’t have to have a disability to come say hi!

Who we are for:

All festival-goers are welcome to visit our space. We provide specific support for those with access needs, differabilities and disabilities. This includes injuries, illnesses (chronic, acute and invisible), neurodivergence and intellectual differences, mental health issues, anxiety, and sensory sensitivities. We also provide support for caregivers and caregiving families.

Why do we do it:

The Soul Lounge was founded to break down barriers for people with differabilities and disabilities to ensure everyone is able to fully participate in all areas of festival life, both now and in the future. We work towards enabling every person the opportunity to join the Festival One community and stand by our values to:

  • Tautoko - Accept
  • Aroha – Love
  • Awhi – Embrace
  • Whakatapoko – Accessibility

What we provide:

(including, but not limited to)

  • Accessible bathrooms and showers
  • Medical equipment charging stations
  • Free Mobility Scooter hire
  • Designated assistance team
  • 1-1 ‘Buddy’ support
  • Respite for family/support campers during festival
  • Mobility parking
  • Medication storage fridges & access to heating supplies
  • Food for those who require it as an equal access need (pre-registration only)
  • Access to basic kitchen facilities for those on very restricted diets due to medical needs (please contact us in advance to discuss if possible)

We are able to provide other forms of assistance and support as required. Please let us know ahead of festival by contacting us using the information below. We will be happy to support you ahead of Festival One to develop a plan that will assist you in overcoming the barriers in your individual circumstances.

We can not provide assistance with:

  • Toileting or personal care
  • Any heavy lifting (if you require a hoist or assistance transferring between mobility aids, you must bring a support person(s) with you who can cater to your individual needs)
  • Medications or medical procedures (First Aid is located next door to The Soul Lounge and may be able to provide basic medical assistance)
  • Holding of financial money

Festival One 2023:

Please be aware that as this is our first year at Hartford Farm, there may be some amendments to what we can offer. We endeavour to be as accessible as possible, and this is more achievable when we work with you to know your needs. Please note that this venue is a working farm and will look and feel different to Mystery Creek. If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please get in touch!

The Soul Lounge Marquee is shown across the front of the picture against a dark blue evening sky.
The side panels are drawn back to create 6sections of the marquee where the light from within shines out.

Our Spaces:

The Soul Lounge Marquee

  • Our main community space and base for all our crew and Soulmates.
  • Come and hang out with us, talk with our crew and meet other festival-goers.
  • Watch and listen to One Arena with our live feed.
  • Attend our guest speakers’ events.
  • Camp in our designated tenting area.
  • Features: sofas, chairs, beanbags, games, activities, picnic tables, water station
The inside of The Soul Lounge Marquee is shown angling towards one end of the space. A table can be seen in front with a variety of games anditems placed on top. There are several arm chairs and beanbags to the centre and left, and a sofa with more armchairs along the right wall. In the back corner, a TV and speakers can be seen. Hanging from the ceiling is bunting and a string of round lamps.

One Arena Platform

  • Our designated accessibility area within One Arena for our Soulmates and their families to enjoy events comfortably and safely.
  • Raised platform for Soulmates, particularly wheelchair and mobility scooter users.
  • Roped area surrounding platform for Soulmates and friends/family to be together, and those requiring a more spacious and less-crowded environment.
People sit in chairs and wheelchairs side by side in a row with a lady standing to the right of them. They are facing to the left of the camera.They are on a raised platform with a bar across the front. Below them, a lady can be seen sitting in a row of camp chairs. Behind them, a building is seen to the left and large scaffolding just off centre, with trees either side.
The back view of the platform shows a mixture of people standing and sitting in wheelchairs or mobility scooters.  They are facing away from the camera. In the background, the main stage is shown with a high backdrop, bright lights and a large TV screen to both sides.

Rest Zone

  • A quiet space with beds, beanbags and fans for relaxing, recuperating and recharging.
  • Based next to our Soul Lounge Tent, this area is perfect for those fatigued or needing a bed to lie on for a couple of hours during the day.
  • Beds and hospital beds are available for those who also require them to stay overnight.
  • This space is monitored to ensure it is accessible only to those who require it.

Sensory Space

  • A tent space away from the action where those with sensory overload or anxiety can wind down or meltdown.
  • This space allows Soulmates to switch off from festival and take a step back from the crowds in a safe and supported environment.
  • Features: Sensory toys and aids, electronic tablet (games, communication aids, mindfulness/relax sounds and walkthrough)
A man sits in a modified tricycle facing to the right of the camera. He is wearing a helmet and orange high-visibility vest. An orange flag extends up to the left. To the right of him, a woman sits in a powered wheelchair facing towards him. She is wearing a dark tshirt with a purple high-visability vest on the back of her chair. In the background, a green tent is shown with a flap door propped open towards the blue skies up above.

How to connect with us:

Our main form of contact pre-festival is email – – this is the best way to get in touch with us initially. If you prefer to communicate via phone or text message, we are happy to arrange this.

You can also check out our Facebook and Instagram pages – The Soul Lounge at Festival One - for insights and ‘Top Tips’ ahead of Festival.

You can register with us by clicking the link below and filling in the form. This helps us prepare effectively for all the Soulmates coming to festival and ensures we can cater for your individual needs.

Register for Assistance/support

How to support us:

Volunteer with us

Find more information here

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Tell others in your community about us

Register for Assistance/support

We love having the Soul Lounge as an integral part of Festival One.

For 2023, the team would love to hear from you if festival environments aren't within reach for you, or if you require assistance/support. We'd love to get to know you, have a chat, and see where we can help to make your attendance at Festival a reality. Why do I need to complete this form?

Although you do not have to provide us with any information to attend Festival, we are better able to cater for your needs if we are aware ahead of time. By connecting with you in advance, we are able to offer a more personalised service suited to your individual needs, and we are also able to ensure we have enough equipment to cater for the Festival One community.

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