Hi Festival One family.

I was reflecting on the fact that this will be the first year that Anzac Day has not been celebrated by a series of church services around the country - services that help to focus us on the cost - the human cost - of war, and also provide an opportunity to give our thanks.

While Anzac Day reminds us that peace comes at a cost, we give thanks for those who have sacrificed, and for the peace that has come from that sacrifice.

The services also remind us that our hope is not in ourselves, but in God, the maker of Heaven and Earth, in our Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ - whose own sacrifice made peace for us with God - and in the power of the Spirit to not only raise Christ Jesus from the dead but to also call, renew and transform humankind.

It can also remind us that one day soon Jesus will come back, beginning a transformation of the cosmos to where there will be no more war - ever, under the reign of the King of Kings.

May I suggest that we join with the rest of New Zealand and “Stand At Dawn” 6AM tomorrow morning (Saturday) - details here: #StandAtDawn. And may I suggest a simple prayer while we do so, “Your will be done, on earth, as it is in Heaven.”

God bless.
G on behalf of the Festival One team