Red Traffic Light Cancels Festival One


(soon we will be together)

Hey Everyone,

We’ve all heard the announcement at 11am this morning. And sadly for Festival One it means the government is asking us to cancel. We’re on site at the moment with an amazing crew and we’re getting the place all ready for you. It is looking gorgeous. It’s pretty heart breaking not being able to carry on - we were so hopeful of all being together. The crew here are incredible and have immediately turned to what do we do next how do we pack this down well and prepare for the next event whenever that may be.

We have been accepted and approved by the governments Events Transition Support Scheme. Which was put in place to underwrites festivals, such as ours, in the event that they were cancelled due to covid. We are working with the insurers now. And we ask for your patience as we work this through. We’ll let you know further details as soon as possible.

Meanwhile could I please ask you a personal favour, could you please pray for our incredible team who have the difficult job of stopping midway and taking apart they have just put together without the benefit of seeing the fruit of all their hard labour.

We’ve alway prayed and you’ve heard me pray this at festival that Your kingdom come. Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." Currently I have no idea what that means in practical terms but I completely trust our Heavenly Father, that he has us in His hands and that he knows best.

I know that this will mean difficulties for some of you as the red traffic light affects things that are dear to your hearts. It continues to make it difficult for us to gather as Christians - a thing we love to do. Can I please ask you to also look out for all those around you that ar hurting, who are already fragile and who need love and care. God has us in His hands and will never ever let us go. Our country needs Him more than ever.

We are all continuing to pray that our country will weather this next storm of covid with grace and that those of us that are vulnerable will be spared.

Lots of love,
G and the team.