Before you apply, and to help you with your application, here are a few thoughts from programming manager, Jayraj Unka.

This year I want us to gather together as a community and share our stories. Share what this past year has been like. Listen to each other with no agenda other than to listen. To sing songs that might not even include the name “Jesus”, but have Jesus written all over them, to sing together, and cry together, while listening, together.

I want us to share food. I want us to pause together as a community, and just lie down and look at the stars. I want us to reflect on COVID-19, #blacklivesmatter, Trump, racism, life, death, love and everything else we have been through.

I want us to sing from our hearts, dance from our souls and just have a rich weekend with our mates.

I want us to come together and worship our God who is constant and far bigger than whatever we could imagine. Or maybe we just need to breathe. Together. Silently. Alone but together.

Click this link to read the letter Graham wrote a few months back about what 2021 might look like.

If you want to be part of Festival 2021 as an artist, please click the button below. We would love to have you and hear about your year, through your music.

Applications will close Sunday 20th September.