Hi everyone.

I’m crying as I write this. My heart is breaking. You all know what is happening around the upper North Island. We had pretty epic weather overnight. Rain, as they say, of “biblical proportions”. Waipa Council is asking how we are getting on and if they can help, given the orange alert status over the area. Our systems and infrastructure worked well overnight. We currently have around half our ticket holders on site - with most others intending to come down for Switchfoot tonight.

Our management team has been meeting and taking advice from our suppliers and insurers. Our toilet supplier and the servicer have said that the damage the site sustained from the weather overnight means they are unable to clean and service the toilets for the rest of Festival One. There are other suppliers with heavy trucks that are also unable to access given the weather damage.

The forecast is slightly better but still rather bleak, with a further 60mm+ forecast for Sunday continuing into Monday. This is unsustainable.

Our management team is extremely competent and highly skilled at events. It is our view that we will struggle to keep our guests and crew safe, dry and warm in this continuing weather pattern.

It breaks my heart, but we are going to have to cancel Festival One as of now. (8:30am Saturday morning).

We have a number of bands on site who want to play to bless and support us all. We will do that through this morning and today.

We are working on the best way to get people safely packed up, into their vehicles and on their way safely home. Please don’t just rush off, as we need to help people. Stand by for more instructions shortly.

We’ve just prayed The Lord’s Prayer out loud as a team. We pray that God’s will be done on earth as in Heaven. We are so, so sad to have to take this decision. You are such a wonderful community, and we love being with you.

Lots and lots of love.

G and the Management Team.